The solution is right at your feet

What role do our

feet play?

We grow up playing, having fun, and performing exercises that require balance. What initially may seem like nothing more than children’s play actually points to how important our feet are to our wellbeing.

to increase efficiency

The treatments developed at Ergodinámica can benefit all of those with any kind of mechanical alteration, regardless of their age or physical condition.

40 years
serving our patients

Ergodinámica was created in 1973, developing a method based on studies of the feet as the basis for people’s anatomy and the evaluation and treatment of biomechanical alterations.

Our mission

At Ergodinámica we are firmly committed to offering our patients the very highest quality, personalized care, and our commitment to technology and innovation makes our approach to our work unique.

They have placed their trust in Ergodinámica

Julia Castro

“I suffered from many back problems, which ultimately led to daily headaches, periostitis, and various aches and pains. They were not able to figure out exactly what was wrong with me, until I turned to Ergodinámica.”

Julia CastroKite surfer, runner-up at the World Championships
Khalid Khannouchi

“Thanks to Ergodinámica I am running again, and winning.”

Khalid KhannouchiKhalid Khannouchi World-record-holding marathoner
Alfonso Peró

“I use Ergodinámica insoles on a daily basis, and, for running, their Sports edition, with a more
absorbent and non-slip lining. It’s a really outstanding product that helps me with my training, and they have a very complete and recommendable facility.”

Alfonso Peró

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