Facial traumas

Facial fractures caused in serious accidents or aggressions require specific treatment to recover not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the functionality of the affected area.



Types of facial fractures


Facial bone fractures cause problems both from the aesthetic and functional viewpoint.


Fracture of the upper jaw causes an alteration in the relationship between the upper and lower teeth (alteration in dental occlusion) that can cause serious complications (swallowing difficulties, pain, and problems in the temporomandibular joint…) if the fracture is not perfectly reduced and stabilised.


Orbital fractures must also be corrected to preserve the infraorbital content (eye) in good condition. Nasal fractures must be evaluated and, above all, ruling out the presence of septal haematoma, since it could cause septal necrosis. In the case of nasal deviation and deformation, it must be reduced. Malar and zygomatic arch fractures, if deviated, can cause a major aesthetic defect, due to which they must also be reduced.
The management of facial fractures by a specialist team is essential to ensure the proper reduction and fixation of the fractures using minimally invasive and maximum bone regeneration techniques.



Dental trauma


Dental traumas may vary from a minor affectation of the enamel to the avulsion of a tooth outside of its supporting bone. In the event of dental trauma, quick action is essential to preserve the dental organ.

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