Assessment of muscular symmetries


This type of assessment offers useful information for coaches, physical trainers and the athletes themselves which will allow them to quantify their muscular shape in detail and, therefore, plan and design an appropriate development plans/strong> consistent with the results obtained.


A specific muscular strengthening plan will be prescribed based on the data extrapolated from this test that meets the physical needs of each person, aimed at rebalancing muscular asymmetries and improve the sporting gesture.



Who is it for?


This test is indicated for anyone who wants to know their muscular strength levels and symmetry. Especially indicated for athletes who need to improve their muscular quality, whether to prevent injuries or improve performance.



Parameters analyzed


  • Analysis of muscle response to electric stimulus using electromyography
  • Determination of muscular fatigue by studying the velocity/force curve by muscle group
  • Detailed muscle profile by muscle group
  • Filming and analysis of motion together with an assessment of force in order to study and improve the execution of the sporting gesture
  • Jump Test ( Squat Jump, Countermovement Jump, Drop Jump)
  • Stiffness Test
  • Force Resistance Test
  • Explosive Force Test

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