Running technique analysis

análisis de técnica en carrera

Using cutting edge technology, we can measure flight and contact times during the execution of a running cycle with a precision of a thousandth of a second and, using software specially designed for this test, we can obtain a series of parameters linked to the athlete’s performance with the maximum precision and in real time.


This will allow us to accurately quantify and interpret the athlete’s technique and muscle-related deficiencies or errors in order to plan a specific and personalised training programme that will introduce changes so that the final movement is as efficient and safe as possible.





  • During the support phase
  • During the aerial phase
  • Power and duration of the propulsion phase
  • Step length
  • Stride length
  • Average step speed
  • Acceleration ratio between steps
  • Step cadence
  • Ground contact time





Interpretation of data
Gathering of data to understand the type of runner you are.


Specific corrective exercises
Specific exercise programme to improve both your technique and any musculoskeletal deficiencies.


Acquisition of automatisms
Application and implementation of the correction during the training sessions.

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