Ergodinámica Clínica has a team of professional physiotherapists specialising in different disciplines of physiotherapy. They all combine the best manual techniques, together with the most innovative and reliable technology (INDIBA, MEDESTEC, K-LASER) to achieve the best results.


Our commitment: personalised care for each patient, evaluating each case individually and seeking the most effective possible treatment.



Action areas:

Sports Physiotherapy

The application of physiotherapy techniques is to restore the patient’s functionality after a sports injury, whether treated conservatively or post-surgically. We specialise in sports physiotherapy, with professionals of renowned prestige in the sports sphere.


Athletes have very high demand levels that must be treated with rigour and precision adapted to each sports speciality.


Our physiotherapists analyse our patients’ sports functionality, technique and gesture in a personalised manner to apply the appropriate techniques, with the aim of curing the injury in the shortest possible time.

Traumatological Physiotherapy

The application of physiotherapy techniques to restore the patient’s functionality in injuries treated conservatively or post-surgically.


Our objective is the patient’s recovery to facilitate their integration in daily activities.


Our team of professionals is qualified to assess, treat and prevent all traumatological pathologies with the help of specialist medical equipment (Medestec) and manual and mechanical techniques with proven benefits.

Chest physiotherapy

Treatment and care of newborns and children who have delayed development, as well as movement disorders or other diseases / disorders that can lead to disability if not treated. It also offers advice to families on methods of action for each case.


Children under 8 years old and especially premature babies, often, either because of immaturity or because they have not fully developed their respiratory system, are more prone to respiratory problems as well as excess mucus, asthma, allergies, bronchitis , pneumonia or even deformations in the rib cage.


Chest physiotherapy therapies, through the application of specific techniques (massage, pumping, drainage) help to improve respiratory flow, mobilize mucus and decrease cough, promoting proper development of the entire system, which improves quality of life and avoids hospital admission of the minor.


On the other hand, the immaturity of the digestive system is also a common problem that can cause colic during lactation, better known as infant colic. These cause pain in the baby’s belly, triggering an inconsolable crying from late afternoon.


In these cases, we apply a multifactorial treatment, which consists of dietary and nutritional advice, relaxation potions in the face of colic crises, massages and osteopathic techniques that gradually promote the disappearance of colic, thus improving your health and helping a better rest for both parents and the baby itself.


Speciality available at: Ergodinámica clínica Madrid


Neurorehabilitation is rehabilitation in physiotherapy for patients with problems in the central nervous system. A good diagnosis and a specialized and personalized approach is of vital importance for the good development and recovery of the neurological patient.


This field of physiotherapy is aimed at patients with acquired brain damage, such as ICTUS or TBI, for spinal cord injuries or for patients with various neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.


The main objective is to promote the functional capacities of the patient, their reincorporation into the activities of daily life and in their environment to achieve physical, psychological and social well-being.


Ergodinámica also has the necessary equipment and technology for the application of the best and most advanced physiotherapeutic treatments that help the patient to recover optimally and in the shortest possible time.



Laser therapy or photobiomodulation is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment modality where specific wavelengths of light are used to relieve pain, increase metabolic activity, improve vascular activity, anti-inflammatory effect, improvement of nerve function and repair of soft tissues.


It also generates an increase in the production of chondrocytes and collagen as well as a reduction in the formation of fibrous tissue.


The K-laser combines different wavelengths within the therapeutic window to improve healing processes, this being one of the most powerful lasers on the market.

Diathermy consists of physiological activation from within the tissue through two fundamental actions: RE-BALANCE AND REGENERATION.


The main effects are:

  • Generates temperature in the tissues
  • Accelerates cellular metabolism
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • It is muscle relaxant
  • It has anti-inflammatory action
  • Acts as a healing

The Medestec system achieves these effects with its MEDESTEC DUAL SYSTEM by combining its successful double frequency 0.8Mhz
0.5 Mhz

Shock waves are high-energy acoustic waves through which we can treat tendon injuries. It is a type of treatment of a non-invasive nature that does not produce side effects and has many applications in medicine and physiotherapy.


Are used to improve bone growth and accelerate the tissue regeneration process of the treated structures, causing neovascularization and improvement of their collagen. In other words, they accelerate the recovery of damaged tissues, improving the blood supply and the structure of collagen.


Shock wave therapies are indicated for the treatment of very common pathologies that occur both in patients who follow a sedentary lifestyle and in those who regularly practice sports.

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