Ergodinámica Clínica has a team of professional physiotherapists specialising in different disciplines of physiotherapy. They all combine the best manual techniques, together with the most innovative and reliable technology (INDIBA, MEDESTEC, K-LASER) to achieve the best results.



In addition to prevention, we recommend practicing specific recovery exercises upon completing the therapeutic treatment. Ergodinámica’s physiotherapy team works alongside the physical rehabilitation unit, designing recovery plans which allow our patients to recover in the shortest possible time.


Our commitment: personalised care for each patient, evaluating each case individually and seeking the most effective possible treatment.



Action areas:


Sports physiotherapy


The application of physiotherapy techniques is to restore the patient’s functionality after a sports injury, whether treated conservatively or post-surgically. We specialise in sports physiotherapy, with professionals of renowned prestige in the sports sphere.


Athletes have very high demand levels that must be treated with rigour and precision adapted to each sports speciality.


Our physiotherapists analyse our patients’ sports functionality, technique and gesture in a personalised manner to apply the appropriate techniques, with the aim of curing the injury in the shortest possible time.


Traumatological Physiotherapy


The application of physiotherapy techniques to restore the patient’s functionality in injuries treated conservatively or post-surgically.


Our objective is the patient’s recovery to facilitate their integration in daily activities.


Our team of professionals is qualified to assess, treat and prevent all traumatological pathologies with the help of specialist medical equipment (Medestec) and manual and mechanical techniques with proven benefits.

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