Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a medical speciality in charge of the comprehensive care for adults, in addition to the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment and prevention of diseases. The most characteristic aspect of this speciality is the global assessment of the patient.





The main objective of the unit is the early detection of certain diseases, in addition to diagnosing, treating and monitoring them.


Another objective is the identification of complex diseases difficult to diagnose.



What pathologies are treated by internal medicine?


The field of Internal Medicine focuses on treating patients who have various diseases and, therefore, have a wide range of symptoms. Therefore, internists treat patients which are difficult to diagnose, in addition to the most usual adult diseases.


Some of the specialities of Internal Medicine include:



Endocrinology and Nutrition





Urgencies and emergencies

Rheumatology and self-immune diseases

Medical care in surgical processes

Palliative care

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