Appropriate nutrition plays an essential role in health maintenance. The prevalence of malnutrition in today’s society is a very important problem that directly affects patients’ progress, increasing complications and mortality.


For this reason, the prescription of an appropriate nutritional support can improve these patients’ prognosis, modifying the course of the diseases.


At Ergodinámica we believe that the best way to approach an adequate diet is to offer different options to achieve the desired result, in accordance with both the patient’s needs and their preferences.



Regardless of your reasons:


  • Weight problems
  • Disease control
  • Cholesterol
  • Preparation for a competition


We will help you to achieve your goals through nutritional education and continuous monitoring.

Diets planned in accordance with the patient’s hypo- or hypercaloric needs. This must be done gradually to ensure a healthy change in weight.

Nutritional education. We take care of accompanying the patient in the process of learning and understanding their situation of abnormal weight, and most importantly, we teach him how to avoid it and correct his current and future situation.

Sports nutrition


Comprehensive follow-up that includes personalized nutritional plans adapted to the training and competition periods as well as supplementation recommendations.


We carry out different types of diets depending on the period of the season in which the athlete is and this way be able to achieve the objectives set. The diets are divided into:


  • Training diet (Adapted to your needs and sensations we will carry out a diet in order to reach the objectives set).
  • Pre-competition diet For the weeks before competition.
  • Competition diet in order to manage your energy levels according to the race, profile and the moment of the season you are in.
  • Recovery diet (To get full recovery and be able to face successfully the next competition).
  • Maintenance diet Once we achieve our ideal weight, performance and fat %


We will also advise you on which products to take during your trainings and competitions (gels, bars, isotonic, hydration, feeding in the race, …).

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