Biomechanics unit

Biomechanics is the discipline that studies the movement of the human body, whether walking, running or performing any action that implies motion.


It’s objective is to identify alterations or imbalances caused during movement in order to propose methods of intervention that will improve the patient’s performance, health and quality of life.


The advance in science and technology in recent years has increased the possibilities offered by Biomechanics applied to sports, all with the same common factor, improve the performance of athletes and reduce the risk of suffering injuries by analysing and correcting motion.


In cases of high-level athletes, often due to the high number of training hours.


At present, any person who practices sports, regardless of their level, runs the risk of suffering pain or injuries on repeating the same movement or gesture incorrectly when practicing sport. Naturally, this risk is higher in high-level athletes due to the high number of training hours, hence the importance of analysing the factors that intervene when we perform a movement incorrectly (technique, joint ranges, muscle groups, duration of the action, etc.).


Thanks to this information, we are capable of proposing improvements in the movement or action, thereby increasing their performance and reducing the risk of suffering injuries.


At Ergodinámica we have more than 45 years of experience studying the instabilities that occur during when walking and running that can give rise to such common pain and injuries as knee pain, lumbago or muscle strains.


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