Physical conditioning

It’s scientifically proved that in many pathologies controlled physical activity can be prescribed as an element of prevention, maintenance and/or regression of the same pathology.



We at ERGODINÁMICA design training programs adapted to the objectives of each patient. We do not believe in the unique methodology, because not all training systems are good for everyone. Therefore, thanks to the joint work of our medical-sports team and personal trainers, we schedule training sessions in a totally personalized way to the needs of each patient / athlete.



Physical conditioning programs are indicated for:


1. People who have suffered or suffer from any pathology and by prescription must perform physical activity, as is the case of people who have had a heart problem, metabolic (diabetes), etc.


2. People who want to improve their shape and prevent possible pathologies associated with sedentary lifestyle.


3. Athletes who compete in their modalities and seek to improve their sports performance in order to improve their results in competition.



The programs have a quarterly, six-monthly or annual duration, depending on the patient’s needs and are based on 5 pillars:


  • Control and customization of the training programs.
  • Educating in the practice of physical exercise.
  • Teaching the correct practice of physical activity.
  • Change of habits for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Progression and adaptation to the exercises.



Training sessions are performed individually or in groups of up to four people. Throughout the exercise programme, performance is controlled and said programme is adapted to the objective so that it can be carried out continuously outside of the personalised training sessions.





Cardiovascular training:

After undergoing a stress test we define a training plan to reach the optimal levels of the cardiovascular system of the sport practiced.


Strength training:

After a detailed physical assessment, we identify the strength deficiencies of one or more muscle groups. The objective of strength training is to symmetrically develop the muscle chains involved in motion, correcting muscle imbalances.


Running technique training:

By performing an in-depth gait analysis study we can make the relevant corrections and design a progressive guideline to achieve the exact ratio between the different stride phases.


Objective-based training:

We prepare specific training sessions for events and/or competitions (triathlon, marathon, etc.).

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