Ergodinámica custom insoles

Ergodinámica’s insoles are the element designed to carry out the treatment after the results obtained in the biomechanical gait analysis study



We say treatment because Ergodinámica’s insoles, as opposed to the other insoles available in the market, are not obtained from a static mould, but rather are designed and parameterised to the needs of each patient and do not merely relieve the pain caused by mechanical alterations, but rather corrects them.


After a full gait study following our unique and patented methodology, we assess the behaviour of the feet, ankles, column, hips and knees as a whole.


In this manner we obtain a complete diagnosis which allows us to discover the mechanical causes whereby the body alters its balance and design the specific insoles for each patient in order to correct them progressively.


plantillas personalizadas

Benefits of our custom insoles

More & better movility

Eliminates joint and muscle pain

Improve physical performance

Corrects bad postural habits

Better stability

Provides quality of life

Injuries prevention

They allow to carry out the physiological movement of the foot, not atrophying its muscles when walking

Manufactured using high-quality materials, Ergodinámica’s insoles adapt to all types of shoes and are designed to treat different pathologies:

Children and adolescents

Valgus foot, valgus claw feet due to ligamentous hyperlaxity, Genu Valgo, dysmetria of the lower limbs, soliotic attitude, scoliosis, adduct foot, periostitis, gonalgias, Osgood-Schlatter disease.



Feet alterations, metatarsalgias, fascitis, spurs, Morton’s neuromas, periostitis, gonalgias, knee chondropathies, trochanteritis, lumbagos, scoliosis, muscle strains, tendinitis and entesitis in lower limbs.



Prevention of injuries, better tolerance and assimilation to training, improvement of performance, treatment of injuries previously described as tendinitis, muscle strains, etc.


Gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, HAV (Hallax valgus), metatarsalgias, claw toes, lumbagos, genu varo.



The optimal patient monitoring programme is based on a revision after the first visit between four and six months after wearing the insoles and after an annual revision.





We must not forget that Ergodinámica’s insoles have been designed to correct biomechanics by modifying the usual position of the feet. This can cause discomfort initially. The adaptation period is usually between 15 and 20 days, depending on the patient. Adaptation is a progressive use process, firstly walking and gradually introducing them in the physical activity.

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