Lactate test and cycling effort

This test is indicated for all cycling enthusiasts, whether amateurs or professionals, who want to know their physical shape in order to progress in this discipline.


Ergodinámica, in collaboration with Brisport, has developed a laboratory test that offers cyclists reliable data in order to control and improve their performance.


By using cutting edge effort measurement technology, an aerodynamic resistance roller and a lactate analysis, we can determine, with absolute reliability, effort thresholds, heart rate and the lactate profile of each athlete. These thresholds, crossed with the somatotype, anthropometry and physico-muscular characteristics of each person, allow us to perform a detailed analysis of the athlete in question and propose new training methods that will help them to progress.


All the data gathered during the test will be analysed taking into account all the training variables. The athlete receives a detailed report of the assessment, which is useful for controlling and improving their performance.



Who is it for?


All cyclists and/or triathletes who want to know their effort thresholds and relate them to their physiological thresholds.


Coaches/trainers who want to plan the training load of their athletes more accurately.





  • Determination of thresholds in WATTS
  • Determination of lactate thresholds
  • Determination of cycling dynamics
  • Muscular pedalling asymmetry
  • Medium power
  • Maximum power
  • Power to Weight Ratio (W/kg)
  • Training stress score
  • Intensity score

Available at

Ergodinámica clínica Barcelona
Ps. de la Bonanova, 88


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